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Welcome to CHOCOBO HAVEN!!!
Chocobos are a very important part of the game, though not necessary, they provide ways to get very useful items/materia out of the game. Such as: Hidden Materia caves, Vincent’s ultimate weapon/final limit level, ancient forest, ect. Anyways, there are certain types of Chocobos that you can only get through a special breeding process. I’ve completed a full guide to breeding them.
Breeding Chocobos
PREPARING: First off, you need the Highwind to do this. Buy at least 3 stables at the Chocobo Farm (though all 6 are recommended). Fly the Highwind to the Chocobo tracks near Mideel, and equip the Chocobo Lure materia.
Step 1.) Run around the tracks until you catch a Good and a Great chocobo of the opposite sex. (To find out if they are good or great, go back to the chocobo farm. Talk to Choco Billy; choose to move the chocobo’s outside in the pen to the stables. If the chocobo is good, it will be walking. If it is great, it will be running.) Now, fly to the Chocobo Sage’s house (He can be found in a little house on a patch of grass on the Northern Continent.) and buy as many Sylkis Greens as you can afford. You will need quite a good amount of cash for this, as each one is 5000 Gil.
Feed 10 greens to each of your chocobo’s, and go to the Gold Saucer. Race them until they are at least Class A, if not Class S. (Results will be more likely to happen if they have attained Rank S.)
STEP 2.) When they have both attained Rank A/S, go back to the Chocobo farm. SAVE YOUR GAME outside the Farm! This is VITAL if you want the chocobo to be Blue or Green. Now, go mate them, using a Carob Nut*. Keep resetting your game until you get a Blue or Green chocobo. (NOTE: If you have been using 3 stables, let the good & great chocobo parents go. You need space for the upcoming events.)
STEP 3.) Once you have gotten one, you have 2 choices. A.) Wait for the same parents to be ready to mate again, or B.) Repeat Step 1. Either way, you will have to wait. I suggest doing choice A, since you need to get your Green/Blue chocobo to Rank S. But either will work. Feed 10 Sylkis greens (or more, if you desire) to your new chocobo. Race it at the Chocobo Square to get it to Rank S. Repeat the 2nd step, mating your yellow chocobo’s to get a new chocobo opposite of the 1st one’s color and gender. (It must be Blue if the other is Green, or Green is the other is blue.)
STEP 4.) Now that you have a Green chocobo and a Blue chocobo (opposite sexes), you can get a Black Chocobo. (Be sure to feed 10 Sylkis greens to the 2nd colored one, and race it to Rank S before you proceed.)
Have another Carob Nut* handy, and mate the two. Again, SAVE before attempting this. Once you have a Black chocobo, feed it 10 greens, race it to Rank S, and now for the tricky part.
STEP 5.) Go to the Northern Glacier, and find the chocobo tracks there. Catch chocobo’s until you have a WONDERFUL chocobo (Sprinting) opposite of your black chocobo’s sex. (To find out how to see what type of chocobo it is, see the Preparing section.) Feed this new chocobo 10 of your Sylkis Greens, and race it to Class S. Now, to get your Gold Chocobo, you must use a different kind of nut. To find this nut, (Called a Zeio Nut) simply fly the Highwind to a little island on the far right of the map. In the forest here, there are little goblins, really easy to kill, that drop this nut. You can steal from them or defeat them to get this nut. Once you have the nut, once more SAVE your game. Then, go to the Chocobo farm, and use this nut to mate the black and wonderful chocobo. Voila! You now have a Gold Chocobo!
Chocobo Standing Tall

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Baby Chocobo

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